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Flash-Evaporative Air Coolers

At CULER, we make flash-evaporative air coolers. Evaporative air coolers leverage the amazing ability of water to extract heat from the air when it evaporates, thereby reducing the temperature of the air. It’s the same natural process that delivers the cool air you feel when standing near a lake or ocean.


The secret to creating more cool air from an evaporative cooler is increasing the surface area of the water to achieve a faster rate of evaporation.


Unlike swamp coolers which simply drip water down a pad to try to increase surface area, the patented CULER Flow Blurring® technology atomizes water into millions of micro-droplets to create thousands of times more surface area than pad-type evaporative air coolers. Water particles of this size simply flash-evaporate.


Better Evaporation = Better Cooling



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