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Flash-Evaporative Air Coolers

Cool The Air Where You Need It

CULERHome Flash-Evaporative Air Coolers deliver a cone of cool air wherever you need it most. Unlike fans which simply blow around hot air, the patented CULER® technology actually reduces air temperatures by harnessing the earth's own natural cooling process.

Take It With You

Remarkably portable, these units are easy to grab and go! Picnics, tailgates, camping — wherever you have power, you have the power to cool.

Save Money

The revolutionary CULER® technology allows you to drop degrees without dropping lots of money. Our flash-evaporative air coolers cost less to operate than a 60 watt lightbulb.

Care for the Environment

Low power consumption and incredible efficiency make our flash-evaporative air coolers some of the most environmentally friendly cooling units available.

Count on the Comfort

CULERHome products are built for a lifetime of trouble-free, reliable service — and they are proudly made in the USA!


  • CULERHome products are compact, powerful and extremely easy to use.
  • Lightweight design and a built-in carry handle make it easy to take it with you. 
  • Accessible controls allow you to power up and adjust air flow with ease.
  • Curious little fingers stay safe with our quiet, concealed fan construction.
  • Directional ports allow you to direct cool air exactly where you need it. 
  • A low center of gravity and non-slip base keep your CULER® air cooler stable and secure. 
  • Simply open the cap and fill with water for hours of efficient cooling. 




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