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Evaporative Coolers and Misting Fans

Luma Comfort Evaporative Coolers and Misting Fans

Evaporative Coolers:

Evaporative coolers lower indoor temperatures by combining the natural properties of evaporating water with a powerful air moving system. Enjoy refreshing cool air with these appliances designed to cool your space. Whether an attractive tower fan and humidifier or the larger industrial sized indoor/outdooor unit.


Misting Fans:

The technology behind a misting fan is similar to that of an evaporative cooler, and it all begins with water. The Luma Comfort MF24B 24" Commercial Misting Fan combines commercial-grade construction with a residential design. This heavy-duty mister covers 800 square feet and is designed for both home and light commercial use.

Designed specifically for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, the Luma Comfort MF26B 26" Commercial Misting Fan covers 1,000 square feet and can lower ambient air temperatures by as much as 30° - 45° F. 

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