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Evaporative Coolers and Fans

Evaporative Coolers and Misting Fans

Portable Evaporative Coolers:

Save money while cooling off by using the NewAir evaporative tower cooling fans and portable evaporative coolers.

Because these portable evaporative coolers do not require a compressor, the operating cost is far less than a standard air conditioning units.

These evaporative coolers can decrease the temperature by up to 30 degrees under the optimum wet bulb / dry bulb temperatures, thus allowing you and your family to stay cool while saving money!


Misting Fan:

Attractive and wonderfully designed the NewAir misting fan is a great addition to any backyard or patio setting. This fan creates a cool and comfortable patio area for family and friends to enjoy. You'll enjoy the gentle, continuous mist this fan emits to keep you feeling cooler on a hot day! 

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