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There are currently only a couple SIO14 available. 

The new SIO18 FLEX will be available soon, just not on the internet.  Contact us for more details.
The FLEX can be installed to the full power for the SIO18 or reduced power for the SIO14. 


Contact us for availability and updates.
Text: 7755250811


SioGreen Tankless Water Heater SIO14 Infrared Best Electric 220/240 volt 3.5 GPM

SioGreen  Model SIO14

This portable electric tankless point of use water heater utilizes the latest technology in Quartz Infrared heating elements to provide instant and continuous hot water using regular 220VAC household voltage. 


By using infrared energy to heat the water it also helps to break down hard water deposits.
The self-cleaning and maintenance-free operation is a great selling point.


Point of use tankless water heater, 220v, 14 kw, 60 Amps. Multi-use application
– Temp Rise 50°F @ Flow Rate 1.91 (GPM)
– Multiple Point-of-use Applications with an incoming water temperature of 62° or higher
- Perfect for a large apartment/townhome/tiny house with 1-2 bathrooms


This unit can be used anywhere you have access to a water supply and electricity, and it’s small, lightweight, and very easy to install.

This type of electric water heater energizes your water with infrared energy that creates heat without requiring direct contact with the water. Unlike conventional tank water heaters that experience efficiency loss and corrosion problems due to metal heating elements in the water tank, this type of tankless water heater heats and conditions the water while breaking down hard water deposits, all without the heating elements having direct contact with the water.


This design is self-cleaning and maintenance-free, and it minimizes the chance for bacteria and algae to accumulate in the water.

Due to the cutting edge technology used in this model, it can save you up to 60% per month in energy costs, which can add up to significant savings each year. And, since the model typically lasts well over ten years, you will save on replacement costs over time.

The SIO14 point of use water heater is ideal for a large apartment or townhome with up to three (3) people.
The SIO14 POU is the mid-range model for residential use that can heat over 2.5 gallons per minute. 
So, it can handle a shower and a sink in cool climates and two showers in warm climates.


SioGreen SIO14 may just be the solution to your Multi POINT OF USE hot water problem.

– Perfect for a large apartment/townhome /tiny house with 1-2 bathrooms
– Outdoor kitchen sinks
– Outdoor showers
– Campers, RV’s and Boats
– Electric Tankless Heating


Downloadable PDF Manual




How Infrared Works



A point of use infrared tankless water heater can turn virtually any water source into an endless supply of hot water, without having to install a full, whole-building hot water heater or expand an existing water heating system.


If you are adding a bathroom or kitchen area, upgrading a home or office, improving a camper or motor home, remodeling a cabin or apartment, or planning to add hot water capabilities to any property, the point of use infrared tankless water heater may be the best choice for you.


Why SioGreen?

Easy to install.
Maintenance Free Operation.
Conditions the water.
Superior Heating Efficiency.

Reduces Energy Cost up to 65% compared to any current Electric Tankless Water Heater on the Market.
Uses lower amperage, maintains higher water flow capacity, and integrates into various applications.

Environmentally Friendly footprint

Many of the SioGreen units are EXCELLENT for use in Hybrid hot water delivery systems.
The larger SioGreen units integrate well with Radiant Heated Floor Systems.
It can be installed in series and for recirculation.
Longevity (more than ten years)


Design Features

– Thermostatic Intelligent Fuzzy Logic PID Temperature Controller
– Fully Modulating Power Control
– LED Temperature Outlet/Set Display ( °F/ °C setting)
– Compact Design for Space Saving
– Superior Energy Efficient (98%)– Continuous Hot Water On-Demand
– Self Cleaning Design for Maintenance-Free Operation


Safety Features

– Overheat Thermal Cut Off Fuses
– High Limit Temperature Safety Cut Off
– Outlet Thermocouple Constantly Monitor Temperature and Anti-Scald Protection
– Residual Leakage Current Detection


Hybird Applicatons

Hybrid ApplicationsY




WRAS   CE Marking   MET Labs

SioGreen Infrared Tankless Technology

SioGreen today is the only manufacturer in the world that produces an instant hot water system with an Infrared Quartz heating element that serves distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia.

All water heaters rely on a heating element of some type, generally, this is in the form of hot metal components.

Normally when the metal elements are introduced to direct contact with water, only the water in the immediate area of the heating element is affected. This can actually reduce the flow rates in the attempt to heat the water.

Infrared technology works on the molecular level and because the far-infrared rays affect all of the water it gets hot faster and more thoroughly.

Scientifically the water is clustered with 5-12 water molecules. When the far-infrared rays stimulate the clusters, the water molecule movement is activated. This is due to resonance absorption. The number of water molecules which form the clusters is decreased and the result is activation/agitation of the water.

As a result of this activation, the infrared energy is able to heat the excited molecules on an individual basis ensuring the water is thoroughly heated at an accelerated rate. This allows SioGreen is operating at higher flow rates.


Quartz heating elements

Watch This Quick Video



Product Specifications

Part Number SIO14
Item Weight 27 pounds
UPC  00049447000075
Product Dimensions  14 X 20 X 6 inches
Installation Requirements Must be installed by a licensed contractor according to local building codes.
Warranty  10 Year Heat Exchanger and 3 Year Electrical Parts.  Limited
Warranty Registration Online or fill out and submit warranty card.
Registration Time Limit Within 30 days from receipt of product
Item model number SIO14
Power Source  220 VAC
Voltage  Single Phase 220/240 Volts
Phase Single Phase
Wattage  14 kW
Amperage Capacity  58.4 A
Recommended Main Electrical Service Panel 200 AMP
Required Breaker Size 2 X 30 AMP Double Pole
Item Package Quantity 1 Unit
Special Features Easy to Install, Quiet, Quiet Close, Adjustable
Usage Tiny House / Apartment / Town home / Condo
Suggested Geographic Location 62° and above incoming water temperature
Batteries Required No / not included 
Usable for Radiant Heat? Yes, radiant heat is an application design that uses a closed re-circulation loop.
Solar Panels SioGreen heaters can be used as Solar Backup with the Solar Storage tank.
Life expectancy of the Quartz Heating Elements Without direct contact with the coating, the estimated lifecycle is 10-20 years, depending on application and usage.
Insulation around Quartz Heating Elements Boiler Cotton Fiberglass
Water Connections 3/4" NPT
Suggested Wire Size 10 Gauge (X2)
Minimum Flow Rate for Activation (GPM) 0.5
Maximum Flow Rate through Unit (GPM) 3.5
Flow Rate @ 40° Temp Rise (GPM) 2.8
Flow Rate @ 60° Temp Rise (GPM) 2.2
Minimum / Maximum Working Pressure (PSI) 15-150
Protections Thermal / Manual
2 X 30 Amp Double Pole
200 Amp
10 Gauge ( X 2 )

Warranty and Registration Information

Manufacturer only warrants to the original purchaser at the original installation address of purchaser (collectively, the “Buyer”) the hot water generator and its components as manufactured by the Manufacturer (the "Product") to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for the period of time identified below beginning from the date of installation.

Manufacturer Warranty is only offered if the Manufacturer products are installed by a licensed contractor In accordance with National and Local Codes having jurisdiction governing the installing area, and installed to Manufacturer Specifications using all included components supplied by Manufacturer and other parts that may be required to protect equipment.

The warranty is 100% void if the unit has been opened.



  • Product misuse, tampering or misapplication, accidental damage, or improper installation. Product failure caused by chemical corrosion, or freezing. Product failure due to lightning, flood or other natural or man-made calamities. Costs incurred for shipping, delivery, handling, and/or administrative charges.
  • Labor charges of any kind.

Manufacturer will replace the defective unit on a prorated basis, in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty, if it fails in normal use and service during the Applicable Warranty Period.

Manufacturer shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, special or contingent damages or expenses arising, directly or indirectly, from any defect in the hot water generator or the use of the hot water generator.

Manufacturer shall not be liable for any water damage arising, directly or indirectly, from any defect in the hot water generator component part(s) or from its use. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have others.


Registration can be done by filling out and mailing in the warranty card or online by visiting the SioGreen website.



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  • We do not offer free shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, however we do ship to those locations. Enter your zip code under the Shipping and Payments tab to get your rate.
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As per our contract, we can not sell or ship to the UK or Viet Nam.


30 Day Returns

To help us expedite your return please follow these instructions:

  • Units must be in new unused condition the same as when shipped from the warehouse.
  • Contact us in advance for a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization)
  • Follow the detailed return instructions that we provide to you, which include the RMA# and shipping address to the SioGreen.
  • You will then receive your refund after a SioGreen service technician inspects the returned product and has issued a credit memo.
  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the 30 day return, plus all returns are subject to a restocking fee.

*Free Return Shipping only available on units with actually manufacturer defects.

Refunds will not be issued on products that have been broken or damaged! Product defects are covered by SioGreen's Warranty as verified by the manufacturer.

  • Buyer must consult with a SioGreen Service Technician and the unit deemed to have a factory defect.
  • Units not functioning properly due to "customer set up" DO NOT qualify as a manufacturer's defect.
  • Returned units that have been damaged by buyer will be subject to restock fee or possible rejection of return claim.

Sizing Guide and Map

How to Size a Whole House Tankless Water Heater

It is easy to determine what size of tankless water heater will work best for your application.

1.   Start with the map and determine your location.

2.   Check the chart for the number of Points of Use, (POU) you plan on using simultaneously. 

3.   Add up the requirements and check the chart to see which model is designed to meet those needs. ,/strong>


STEP 1: Look at the color chart of North America to find the average incoming water temperature in your region.


Map Sizing Guide

STEP 2: Look at the chart to the right for the applications that call for hot water and much they use per minute or (GPM), base on the applications you plan or running at one time your water must heat that much water per minute

  • Faucet Image    Image represents hand wash sink faucet with flow rate of 0.5 – 1.5 GPM, hot side only.
  • Shower Head Image    Image represents water-saver/low flow shower head with flow rate of 1.5 – 2.5 GPM, hot side only
  • Average Hot Water Temp is 105°F-115°F.
    To determine the desired temperature rise test the incoming water and subtract from the set point temperature.
    Example : 107°F set point – 57°F incoming water = needed 50°F temperature rise

  • Standard deviation:
    Power: (±) * 1kW
    Tem Rise: (±) * 3°F
    Water Flow: (±) * 0.1gpm


  • Standard Shower Head 2.0 GPM
  • Water-Saver Shower Head 1.5 GPM
  • Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet 0.5 – 1.5 GPM
  • Kitchen Sink 1-2 GPM
  • Bath Tub 2.5 – 4 GPM
  • Dishwasher 1-2 GPM
  • Washing Machine 1-1.5 GPM
  • Body Shower 1.6-2.0 GPM Each
  • Jacuzzi or Roman Soaker Tub 4.0-5.0 GPM


Inlet Temp: 37°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-260 POU 65°/ 0.8 temp-2.png
IR-288 POU 65°/ 1.8 temp-2.png
SIO14 65°/ 1.8 Faucet Image
SIO18 65°/ 2.4 Shower Head Image  temp-2.png

Inlet Temp: 47°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 60°/ 0.5 temp-2.png
IR-260 POU 60°/ 0.8 Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 60°/ 2.0 Faucet Image
SIO14 60°/ 2.0 temp-3.png
SIO18 60°/ 2.5 temp-3.png Faucet Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 52°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 55°/ 0.5 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 55°/ 0.9 Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 55°/ 1.73 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO14 55°/ 2.1 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO18 55°/ 2.7 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 57°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 50°/ 0.6 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 50°/ 1.0 Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 50°/ 2.3 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO14 50°/ 2.3 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO18 50°/ 3.0 Shower Head Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 62°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 45°/ 0.6 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 45°/ 1.1 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 45°/ 2.5 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO14 45°/ 2.5 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO18 45°/ 3.3 Shower Head Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 67°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 40°/ 0.7 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 40°/ 1.2 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 40°/ 2.8 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO14 40°/ 2.8 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO18 40°/ 3.6 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 72°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 35°/ 0.8 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 35°/ 1.3 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 35°/ 3.1 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO14 35°/ 3.1 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
SIO18 35°/ 4.0 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image

Inlet Temp: 77°F

Model Temp Rise/GPM Approx. Usage
IR-30 POU 30°/ 0.9 Faucet Image
IR-260 POU 30°/ 1.5 Shower Head Image Faucet Image
IR-288 POU 30°/ 3.6 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO14 30°/ 3.6 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image
SIO18 30°/ 4.6 Shower Head Image Faucet Image Faucet Image


STEP 3: Match your location on the map, shown above, to the corresponding chart below to determine unit capacity.


Model Number kW Volts Minimun Breaker Max Power (AMP) Minimum Wire Dimensions Weight
IR-30 POU 3.4 110 30 Single Pole 28.3 10 13.5″x 8.5″x 2.5″ 5 lbs.
IR-260 POU 6.0 240 30 Double Pole 25 (2)10 13.5″x 8.5″x 2.5″ 5 lbs.
IR-288 POU 14 240 40 Double Pole 58.4 (2)6 18.5″x 12.5″x 3″ 13 lbs.
SIO14 14 240 2 X 30 Double Pole 58.4 (2)6 20″ x 14″ x 6″ 27 lbs.
SIO18 18 240 2 X 40 Double Pole 75 (2)4 20″ x 14″ x 6″ 27 lbs.

  • Model: SIO14
  • Shipping Weight: 32lbs
  • 2 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: SioGreen

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