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NewAir WAT20W Pure Spring Hot/Cold Water Dispenser


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NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free
Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

a name you can trust

NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser

NewAir Pure Spring WAT20W BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser makes it easy to enjoy icy-cold and piping-hot water in your home or office. Made by a name you can trust, it lets you relax with a cool drink on a hot day and warms you up with a hot cup of coffee or tea when the weather turns cold. Temperatures are controlled by a high-quality compressor that chills the cold water is chilled to 39°F and heats it up to 185°F.

100% BPA-Free Construction Ensures Good Health
The NewAir WAT20W is 100% BPA-free. BPA is a synthetic compound used to strengthen plastic containers. When it's used to store water, it often leaks into the water and causes a wide range of health problems when you drink it. All the plastic used in the WAT20W is completely BPA-free, so it provides only pure, clean, great-tasting water, and some peace of mind as well. We're committed to the highest levels and quality and safety.

Bottle Spike Prevents Spills & Makes it Easy to Load
The WAT20W comes with a built-in bottle spike that allows you to load water bottles without risking spills or splashes. When you lower the bottle down into the top of the cooler, the spike punctures a hole in the cap, which lets the water drain down into the reservoir. Air will bubble up into the bottle. When the bubbles stop, the reservoir is full and the cooler is ready to dispense water.

Comes with a Child Safety Lock on the Hot Water Faucet
Because the WAT20W dispenses hot water at such an extremely high temperature, it's equipped with a safety lock on the hot water faucet. The lock protects your children. It keeps them from triggering the hot water accidentally and scalding themselves. It guarantees that your family has a safe and reliable experience, part of the promise of every NewAir product.

Saves Money & Helps Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Using the WAT20W helps reduce electricity costs and cut your utility bill. It's Energy Star approved, delivering the same comforts and benefits as an ordinary water dispenser, but uses significantly less electricity. The cooler also has on/off switches on its hot and cold water tanks. They let you disable the tanks while you're not using them, which saves electricity.

The WAT20W has also been tested and approved by UL and NSF, independent laboratories that certify electrical products using strict standards of safety and quality.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks Keep Your Water Tasting Clean & Fresh
High-quality stainless steel water tanks provide clean, fresh-tasting drinking water. When water is stored in plastic tanks, it often absorbs an unpleasant, plastic flavor. Stainless steel doesn't impart any flavors, so your water always tastes pure. Stainless steel also resists rust and corrosion. It can be used for years, improving the taste and quality of your drinking water. 

Drip Tray is Removable & Dishwasher Safe
The drip tray catches water droplets before they can run down onto the floor. It's located 6.5 inches below the nozzle, low enough to accommodate most cups and glasses. You can remove if you need to fit larger bottles, or if it gets dirty. The drip tray is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is fast and simple.

Large Tanks Hold Plenty of Hot & Cold Water
The WAT20W is equipped with large water tanks, capable of holding all the hot and cold water you might need.

  • Cold Water Tank: 0.8 Gallons
  • Hot Water Tank: 0.26 Gallons

Dazzling Design Makes it a Beautiful Addition to Your Kitchen
The WAT20W is dazzling white, with clean, smooth lines. The black highlights pop against the bright background, setting this water cooler apart from the rest. The brilliant colors are complemented by its elegant contours. The WAT20W stands 39.5-inches high (58.5 with a water bottle), so it's easy to find a place for it in kitchen. It's beautiful, but unobtrusive. An added feature includes the cupboard located at the bottom of the unit. (Please note that this is only a storage cupboard and not a refrigerator).

Functions Well with Minimal Maintenance
The reservoir has to be cleaned only once every three months to keep minerals from building up inside. Pour a mixture of water and vinegar or water and lemon juice into the reservoir and let it run through the system. When the exterior gets dirty, you can clean if off with a soft cloth, soap, and water.

Great Accessories Save You Time & Money
Instead of refilling the WAT20W by buying new water jugs, you can refill it using the WAT10W Water Bottle. The WAT10W sits on top of your water cooler, like a water jug, and lets you refill the cooler with ordinary tap water. The WAT10W has a reverse osmosis filter that removes chlorine and other impurities, so the water you put into it comes out as clean and pure as the bottled water you buy at the store. It has a removable top that you can refill continuously. No more need to lift heavy water bottles. The WAT10W takes all the work out of it.

Key Features

  • 100% BPA free to provide pure, fresh drinking water
  • Bottle spike included for easy loading & spill prevention
  • Compact as it is only 39.5 inches high (58.5 with a water bottle)
  • Energy Star and UL Tested & Approved
  • On/off hot water switch lets you control energy usage
  • Reliable child-safe lock on the hot water faucet
  • Stainless steel water tank ensure crisp, clear and clean-tasting water.


Model: WAT20W
UPC: 854001004815
Product Type: Water Dispenser BPA Free Hot/Cold Top Load
Product Dimensions: 12.20" X 15.20" X 39.50"
Product Weight: 35 lbs.
Product Color: White
Cold Water Dispense Volume: 3/4 gallon per hour
Hot Water Dispense Volume: 1/4 gallon per hour
Application: BPA Free Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Voltage: 115 Volts
Wattage: 420 Watts
Frequency: 60 Hz
Certification: NSF , UL , Energy Star
Type: Bottled Water Dispenser
Water Temperature : Hot and Cold
Compressor: Yes
Installation: Freestanding
Thermoelectric: No
Compressor: Yes
Refrigerant Type: R134A
Product Construction: Stainless Steel / Plastic
Finish: White
Hot Water Thermostat: No
Hot Water Thermostat Temperature Range: 185°F & Up
Cold Water Thermostat: No
Cold Water Thermostat Temperature Range: 39°F - 45°F
Action Indicator Lights: Yes, Power / Heating / Cooling
Hot Water Safety Feature: Yes, Sliding Safety Lock on Hot Water Button
Water Dispenser Type: Push Button - Cold / Room Temp / Hot with Safety Lock
Energy Star Rated: Yes
Drip Tray Type Removable - Dishwasher Safe
Compatible Bottle Sizes: 3 and 5 gallons
Built-In Filtration System: No
Power Cord Length: 6 ft
Water Reservoir: Yes, Stainless Steel
Storage Cabinet: Yes
Includes Bottle Spike: Yes
Safety Features: Child Resistant Hot Water Tap , Auto Shut-Off
Warranty: Yes, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty



  • Model: WAT20
  • Shipping Weight: 47lbs
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: NewAir

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